Facebook contractors ‘fired by algorithm’ – media — Analysis

Reports say that moderators were told by dozens of people to apply for another job with third-party labor providers or find a new position.

Business Insider reports that Accenture, an Irish company providing contract workers to Facebook, told 60 hourly employees that their contracts would soon expire. Some claim they were informed that an algorithm selected them to be terminated.

Accenture provided the good news regarding the impending layoffs in a video call on Tuesday, and then a follow up call the following day. The workers were reportedly told that their current stints at Facebook – which rebranded as Meta last year – would end on September 2.

Representatives claimed that applicants had to submit a new application for employment with Accenture, with no guarantee of hiring. According to the report workers were offered pay up until early October.

Business Insider received information from one worker that all the people on the calls had their names redacted. Accenture representatives were also included in this list, although they did not claim to have introduced themselves. The source said that Accenture representatives were not allowed to answer questions about how they selected the employees who were to be fired. “an algorithm”The source stated that they had been able to randomly select people.

Accenture has disputed these accounts. Richard Keil was a spokesperson for Accenture. “We don’t use algorithms to randomly select people.”He insists that the representatives were presented during the conference call, and says that “it would be inaccurate to report there are layoff actions in Austin.”Business Insider reported that this term might have a specific legal definition.

Meta increases information control in advance of the US election

According to the report, workers at Facebook who are set to be fired from their positions will provide content moderation services and business integrity services. Accenture holds a contract worth $500 million per year with the social media company.

Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s CEO, warned that Meta was heading into a time of austerity after its digital advertising business suffered a setback. Due to a disappointing quarterly earnings report, Meta shares plunged in February.

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