Explosion rocks building in Madrid

According to Spanish authorities, more than twelve people were hurt in the explosion.

Madrid was rocked by a strong explosion early Friday afternoon, which left more than twelve people injured.

The blast occurred at a four-story building in the city’s upmarket Salamanca area where construction work had been underway at the time.

According to medical professionals, the incident caused at least 18 injuries. While most of the victims were left with minor wounds, four had to be admitted for more serious injuries.

Reports say that two workers from the construction industry are missing. Two construction workers are reportedly missing. They were on the third floor at the time of the explosion.

According to one report, the explosion was powerful enough that it sent one person into the backyard of a house nearby.

The blast destroyed the structure where it took place. “a lot of damage,”With debris hitting nearby cars as well as the façades of houses.

The firefighters who evacuated the four victims have now been looking for others on the floor.

Police have deployed a cordon around the scene and started an investigation into the explosion.

Some media reports suggest that it may have been due to a gas leak, or boiler failure.



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