Ex-Mossad chief ‘leaked’ classified info to married lover — Analysis

Former Mossad head Yossi Cohen leaked state secrets, including info on the spy agency’s operations, to a flight attendant with whom he was having an affair, as well as her husband, according to an Israeli television report.

Cohen told the couple secret information about Mossad activities that began late 2018. According to a Channel 13 broadcast, Cohen also revealed details about his travels as well as his management style.

In the program, which will be broadcast on Tuesday, the attendant’s husband, Guy Shiker, said Cohen would refer to the unidentified woman as “my princess”And “my beauty”Send messages “You love my wife, she loves you, you’re destroying a family right now,” Shiker added.

Many stories were told by him, some about Mossad. He’s a blabbermouth. He started telling me that Mossad was ‘sitting’ on a doctor of a well-known Arab leader.

Shiker, who is a well-known financier, stated that Cohen bristled about how he allegedly “fired six [top Mossad officials with whom he was friends]… without mercy”Inside “10 days” of being appointed as the country’s top spy “because they weren’t loyal to the system”And “weren’t good.”

Cohen responded by stating that he had never disclosed security secrets, nor given out information that was prohibited. Cohen has not yet indicated whether or not he acknowledges the existence of an affair.

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Ex-Mossad chief indicates Israel was behind Iranian nuclear facility explosion and military scientist assassination

The network had reported in June that the country’s attorney general was reviewing a complaint filed with the Justice Ministry against Cohen on suspicion of sharing classified information with a flight attendant with whom he was in close personal contact.

Cohen told Channel 5 that he had not made the claims and denied them. “no flight attendant, there is no close relationship [and that] the attorney general has not contacted me”Information about the complaint

The former spymaster’s apparent loose tongue had previously seen him criticized for an interview in which he confirmed that Mossad had its sights on assassinating Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, and detailed how the agency blew up Iran’s centrifuge facility at Natanz.

Cohen, who resigned from the agency in June 2017, has been accused of several ethics violations. He also admitted that he accepted a gift without permission.



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