European princess defies Covid-19 rules with birthday bash — Analysis

A heir to the Dutch throne has reportedly hosted a crowded party on her family’s palace grounds at the time the Dutch are urged to receive no more than 4 people a day. According to the report, royals went into damage control mode.

Dutch Princess Amalia came under fire after inviting over two dozen friends to her 18th birthday celebration. The authorities have urged people to observe strict Covid-19 protocol, which includes keeping at least 1.5m social distance and allowing no more than four visitors per day to your home. 

According to some reports, the party was planned for birthdays. “last-minute”She saw her and her guests enjoy the festivities at the palace garden, where there were two tents. According to sources, the Telegraaf said that approximately “a hundred”The party was attended by a total of 62 guests. The Dutch government was informed by the palace that just 21 invitations were distributed and not all guests showed up.

The party was apparently held outside but the report raised suspicions of double standards.

In defense of the party, palace insists that all present were properly vaccinated and have tested negative for Covid-19.  

“The assumption was that they would keep an acceptable distance,”The Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte informed lawmakers by a letter about the special birthday event on Wednesday.

Rutte noted that Princess Amalia’s father, Dutch King Willem-Alexander, regretted the decision to host the party in the first place. Rutte said that the Dutch King Willem-Alexander had regretted hosting the party. “it was not such a good idea”Go ahead and celebrate the occasion.

It’s not the first time the Dutch royal family stirs controversy for contradicting the government’s coronavirus messaging. Last October King Willem-Alexander was made to apologise. “betraying people’s trust”After the royals left on holiday to Greece, regular citizens were encouraged to remain at home.

“Even though the trip was in line with the regulations, it was very unwise not to take into account the impact of the new restrictions on our society,”He stated that at the time.



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