European court blocks UK migrants’ flight — Analysis

An emergency injunction halted a plane transporting asylum seekers, who Britain wanted to send to Rwanda.

A few illegal migrants were able to avoid deportation after the British government requested that they fly to Rwanda in order to file their asylum petitions. The European Court of Human Rights issued an injunction that kept the plane grounded on Tuesday.

The takeoff was canceled when the plane’s engines were already running, Reuters reported. It was intended to carry eight migrants across Africa on the aircraft’s first flight. Initial plans were to fly 30 passengers to Rwanda by Britain.

An interim measure was taken in relation to an individual case that involved an Iraqi national. He had applied for asylum but was denied by British authorities.

According to the European Court, there are concerns about he “will not have access to fair and efficient procedures for the determination of refugee status”Rwanda. The injunction was also justified by the doubtful status of Africa as a country safe and the non-participation to the European Convention on Human Rights.

UK judge throws out Africa deportation appeal

The ECHR intervened after attempts by human rights groups to defeat the government’s migrant-removal scheme failed in British courts. Monday’s UK Court of Appeal denied a request by human rights groups to invalidate a High Court decision last week, which allowed for Rwandan deportations.

The African nation agreed to host people who enter the UK illegally, and process their applications for asylum in Britain in exchange for £120 million ($148 million). Boris Johnson’s government announced the scheme in April. It was intended to discourage would-be immigrants from violating the law, and curb the illegal business of people smuggling.

The plan was criticized by defenders of migrants’ rights, the British opposition and reportedly even by Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, who allegedly described it as “appalling”In private conversations

Priti Patel, Home Secretary, called for the ECHR intervention “very surprising”She was disappointed by the delays and reflected on the situation of British courts. Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Britain suggested that Britain might withdraw from the Convention. This Convention serves as legal foundation for cases being litigated in the ECHR.

“Will it be necessary to change some laws to help us as we go along? It may very well be and all these options are under constant review,”He stated.

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