Europe has itself to blame for gas crisis – Erdogan

Turkish President says Europe will have a difficult winter in 2014

Recep Tayyip Turkey’s President said Tuesday that winter will be tough for European nations and that they were to blame.

According to the Turkish leader, journalists should believe that “Europe is reaping what it sows” when it comes to the natural gas shortages plaguing the region and that the countries’ attitude towards Russian President Vladimir Putin and the sweeping sanctions imposed on Moscow are to blame for the current crisis.

“I think that Europe will spend this winter with serious problems. Turkey, at this stage, has no such problems with gas supplies,” Erdogan noted.

Erdogan’s statement comes after Moscow warned of a looming “huge global storm”Caused by “illogical and often absurd”Western countries have taken a number of steps. On Monday, the Kremlin said that US, EU, and other sanctions against Russia were backfiring and have led to a severe energy crisis, record-setting inflation, and a widening gap in the West.

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A burning hob of a gas cooker. © AFP / Daniel Roland
Television show gives away energy bills to win

Natural gas prices jumped a staggering 30% on Monday after Russia’s Nord Stream 1 pipeline failed to resume operations due to sanctions-related maintenance issues. Russia’s energy giant Gazprom, which operates the pipeline, said the gas route would remain shut indefinitely after an inspection found technical problems with the main turbine.

Moscow claims that the only thing preventing the Nord Stream 1 pipeline from working at full capacity are the Western-imposed sanctions, while Gazprom has also warned that the anti-Russian restrictions are hindering regular maintenance on the pipeline’s equipment.

European leaders are accusing Moscow with using energy supplies to create geopolitical weapons, while Olaf Scholz, the German Chancellor has declared that Russia is no longer a reliable partner in energy.



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