EU weighs in on Ukraine military training — Analysis

The EU’s top diplomat, Josep Borrell, has expressed hope that a bloc-wide training mission for Ukrainian troops will be approved at a ministerial meeting on Tuesday. Some members have expressed doubt about the idea.

Since Russia’s February military campaign in Ukraine, EU nations have sent weapons to Ukraine.

“The situation on the ground continues to be very bad. Ukraine needs our support, and we will continue providing support,”According to Reuters, Borrell stated these words after arriving in Prague.

To discuss financial and military assistance to Kiev, EU defense and foreign ministers meet in Prague. Last week, Borrell proposed establishing a separate training program for Ukrainian troops, similar to the bloc’s existing military training mission in countries such as Chad and Niger.

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“A general, overall political agreement [on the training mission]That is my view of what we need to do today. I hope we will have a political green light for this mission,”Borrell spoke to reporters in Prague about the urgent nature of the matter. “That’s the moment to act,”He said.

Bloomberg cites a Bloomberg document that Kiev asked Brussels for medical, demining, and sniper training.

Britain and the United States have been instructing Ukrainian soldiers how to combat urban warfare and use heavy weaponry supplied by Western countries.

“A number of EU countries are already hosting training facilitation for Ukrainians but I think it would be good to … ensure that the EU collectively is doing that in an organized way that can last for some time,”Simon Coveney is the Irish Foreign Minister.

Ministers from other EU member countries expressed doubts about the initiative. “It remains to be seen whether this is the right way to help,”According to AFP, Francois Bausch, Luxembourg’s Defense Minister was quoted as saying. “I am not so convinced.” 

Klaudia Tanner, Austria’s Defense Minister, told APA Monday that Vienna received the draft plan for the training mission. “From our point of view, there are still many open questions at the moment,”Tanner,

“The first question to be clarified is whether such a mission can exist at all,” she added.

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