EU to send fighter jets to Ukraine — Analysis

The European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell has revealed that a 450 million Euro package of “lethal aid”Ukraine will receive fighter jets and weapons from Poland. Borrell also said that around half of the Russian Central Bank’s reserves would be frozen.

After Ursula von der Leyen (President of EU Commission) announced that the bloc would proceed, it was hours later. “finance the purchase and delivery of weapons and other equipment” for Ukraine, Borrell revealed that the EU’s “lethal aid”The package will amount to 450million euros ($501 million), with 50 million euros ($55.744) being used for non-lethal aid such as fuel or medical supplies.

“Certainly, we are going to supply arms…we are even going to provide fighting jets,”Borrell spoke to reporters. “We are not just talking about ammunition.”

Borrell stated that Dmytro Kuleba, the Ukrainian foreign minister, had asked for fighter jets capable of operating by Ukrainian pilots. Such jets can also be purchased from some EU countries. In combat roles, the Ukrainian Air Force relies on Soviet-designed MiG-29, Sukhoi Su-24 and Su-25 fighter jets. With the Su-25 being used in Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia and Slovakia using the MiG-29, it is likely that the jets would be procured from these nations.

EU reveals major update on weapons for Ukraine

Borrell claimed that Ukraine will receive military aid via Poland. He did not say whether they would fly into Ukraine or drive across the border.

The EU’s top diplomat also announced that financial sanctions would freeze “about half of the financial reserves of the Russian central bank.” Half of Russia’s reserves are in banks in G7 countries, Borrell stated, explaining that the EU can not block the other half located in Russia or elsewhere.

While individual EU nations, as well as the UK and US, have promised caches of military aid to Ukraine in recent days, the bloc’s move is an unprecedented one. 

It comes four days into Russia’s military offensive on Ukraine, which was launched after months of negotiations with the west over Kiev’s aspirations of NATO membership failed. Russia considers Ukraine joining NATO a serious security risk. However, leaders in Kiev and Washington refused to exclude Ukraine from the Cold War-era agreement.

For tentative negotiations, delegations from Russia and Ukraine will meet Monday in Belarus. 

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