EU state halts Covid vaccination — Analysis

Denmark announced an immediate halt to the Covid-19 vaccination campaign. Officials believe that residents are becoming more immune.

The Danish Health Authority made the announcement earlier in the week. They stated that this was because of vaccinations and other infections. “total immunity of the population is therefore high,”The vaccine drive will be halted in the following weeks.

“Spring has arrived, vaccine coverage in the Danish population is high, and the epidemic has reversed,”The agency stated this in a statement. “Therefore, the National Board of Health is now ending the broad vaccination efforts against Covid-19 for this season.”

Although it stated that people who wish to continue their current rounds of vaccinations will be allowed to, the health authority announced it wouldn’t invite anyone to schedule an appointment for shots beginning May 15.

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Officials continued to suggest that they be used. “vaccination for people at particularly increased risk,”Access to some immunization locations that are open in Denmark will be available. However, it is possible that there will be a new campaign for vaccines next autumn. 

“The Danish Health and Medicines Authority’s assessment is that there will probably be a need to vaccinate against Covid-19 again in the autumn,”According to the statement, the agency expects to also see “an increase in infection again as we go from autumn to winter.”

The country’s vaccination campaign was launched in late 2020 and has immunized a sizable majority of its 5.8 million citizens to date, according to the government, while 3.6 million have received booster doses.

European nations remove Covid restrictions as Omicron fears dwindle

Copenhagen scrapped most of its pandemic restrictions back in February, arguing the virus no longer posed a serious threat to its healthcare system, and has now become the first nation in the world to end its mass vaccination program – at least for the moment.

Bolette Soborg, a retired health official, voiced optimism in spite of the winter warnings. “in a good place”And has “control of the epidemic, which seems to be subsiding.”



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