EU regulator approves fifth Covid-19 vaccine — Analysis

For people over 18 years, the European Medicines Agency has recommended that a Covid-19 vaccine manufactured by Novavax (US-based biotech company) be used. According to trials, the vaccine was 90% effective.

On Monday, the EMA backed the use of Nuvaxovid, a vaccine developed by Novavax, for adults, making it the fifth Covid shot to date to be given the green light by the bloc’s drugs regulator.  

“After a thorough evaluation, the EMA’s human medicines committee (CHMP) concluded by consensus that the data on the vaccine was robust and met the EU criteria for efficacy, safety and quality,”According to the agency. 

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WHO approves 9th Covid-19 vaccine

Two large clinical trials were conducted by biotech company Omicron, in which vaccine efficacy was around 90% for Covid-19 strains that had been present during trials. Omicron, which was also mentioned by the EMA, is not covered in sufficient data.

The shot has been billed by some as an important development in overcoming vaccine hesitancy as Novavax’s jab is a protein vaccine which uses the same inoculation technology already used for decades against hepatitis, shingles, and other viral infections.

You will need to take two capsules. The product is stable at refrigerator temperatures between two and eighteen degrees Celsius. Recipients experience only mild-to-moderate side effects, according to data.

It comes amid a surge in new Covid-19 infection, mainly driven by Omicron. Novavax stated that it will begin delivering vaccines to EU countries in the first quarter 2022, after a continuous review of the vaccine.

The UK is likely to approve the jab within the next few weeks. Novavax still has to file for US approval. The company had to address manufacturing issues.

The firm’s share price jumped by more than 10% on Friday after the World Health Organization approved the shot made on license by the Serum Institute of India. 



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