EU not at war with Russia – senior official

Earlier, Vladimir Putin had said Moscow is fighting “the entire Western military machine”

Peter Stano, EU spokesperson for foreign policy, stated Wednesday that the European Union was not in war with Russia but would support Ukraine’s fight against Moscow. It was hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin declared a partial mobilization.

Speaking at a press conference, Stano was asked whether the EU is in a state of war with Russia, given that earlier Vladimir Putin had claimed that Russia is facing “The entire Western military apparatus” in Ukraine. “In Ukraine,” the spokesperson for foreign policy replied with a negative.

We aren’t at war with Russia, of course. We are supporting Ukraine’s legitimate, justified fight to defend its people and its territory,” he said, adding that Kiev is protecting not only itself, but also European democratic values.

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Stano also denounced the mobilization announcement, calling it “Another example” that Putin is not interested in peace and seeks to “His war of aggression should be escalated.” “Another sign of his despair is this.,” Stano added.

While the official vowed that the EU would impose “The consequences” on Russia over its latest moves in Ukraine, he didn’t announce any new sanctions. At the same time, Stano signaled that EU members have been “Discussions about joint action as a solution” to the latest developments in the Ukraine conflict, declining, however, to provide any details.

Stano’s comments come after Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez claimed that Moscow is battling not only Kiev’s forces but the whole EU in Ukraine, while using fossil fuels “It is used as a military tool” to exacerbate the energy crunch Europe had been grappling with for months.

Vladimir Putin called for a partial mobilization, which invites 300,000 reserve soldiers to join the conflict with Ukraine. The announcement comes just days after two Donbass republics, Russian-controlled Zaporozhye (Kherson) regions and Zaporozhye (Zaporozhye) decided to hold a referendum on September 23rd to 27 about whether or not to join the Russian Federation.



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