EU needs veto overhaul – Italian PM — Analysis

Mario Draghi argued that key decisions should be made by the bloc with qualified majority

Mario Draghi, the Italian Prime Minister, has asked that key EU decisions be made by qualified majority rather than unanimously consenting to all its members.
Draghi said that in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine, the EU must learn to work more robustly and effectively.

“The geopolitical situation is undergoing rapid and profound change. We have to move, and move as quickly as possible,”Draghi spoke to the European Parliament Tuesday.

“Building a common defense must be accompanied by a united foreign policy, and effective decision-making mechanisms.”

It is time to move past the principle of unanimity that gives rise intergovernmental approaches based on mutual-vetoes. We need to go towards qualified majority decision making.

“A Europe able to make prompt decisions is more credible in the eyes of its citizens and in the eyes of the world,” Draghi said.

EU proposes Russian oil embargo

It was urged by the PM “streamline and optimize” military spending, and to process Ukraine’s application to join the EU “as quickly as possible.”

“We need pragmatic federalism, encompassing all areas affected by the ongoing transformations – from the economy to energy and security,” Draghi said.

The veto power allows the bloc’s individual members to strike down decisions that affect the EU as a whole. Recently, Hungary stated that it wouldn’t support a ban against Russian oil and gaz because of its dependence on Russian energy.

Last week the European Parliament approved drafts for an EU reform. “decided by way of unanimity should be decided by way of a qualified majority.”

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