EU nation rushes to collect firewood amid fuel crisis — Analysis

Latvians are waiting to get permits to collect leftovers from tree-felling activities

Latvians form lines in order to get state permits to gather firewood as Riga faces an energy crisis.

The trend was revealed on Monday by AS Latvijas valsts meži (Latvian State Forests), which issues the permits that allow citizens to collect brushwood left over from logging operations.

According to the company interest in these completely unrestricted licenses increased by five times over the course of the month.

However, a representative of Latvijas valsts meži, Edmunds Linde, has warned that in the near future, the amount of logging residues that the population could potentially use may also decrease.

“Given the market conditions for wood intended for energy production, there will be a reduction in the amount of felled wood in some parts of the forest,”Linde stated that she spoke to Latvian Radio News Service and added, “we are interested in meeting the growing demand for energy forestry.”

Baltic nation to see gas tariffs double

Latvijas Gaze, Latvia’s energy company, previously stated that Latvian gas prices will increase by 90%. This is after the Gaze announced it plans to hike natural gas tariffs, which could be between 65.6% – 89.9%, depending upon consumption.

According to the company, gas bills for households with an annual consumption of up to 250 cubic meters will soar by 65.6%, from €1.10209 per cubic meter to €1.8252 per cubic meter.

Customers who have 500 or more cubic meters of storage will be affected by a price rise of 74.7%. While customers with 500 to 500 cubic feet of storage could experience an increase of 89.9%.

Latvians now have an opportunity to buy wood pellets and switch to wood burning systems.

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