EU member ready to supply heavy arms to Ukraine – El Pais — Analysis

According to the newspaper, Spain has plans to send battle tanks and anti-aircraft missiles to Kiev.

Spain will deliver the first shipment of its heavy weaponry to Ukraine. This could include battle tanks and surface-to-air missiles, El Pais reports on Sunday.

The Spanish media reported that the Ministry of Defense was currently moving a batch of Aspide antiaircraft missiles. These were taken from the Spanish Armed Forces and are being replaced with a newer system.

Madrid may also be willing to send German-made Leopard A4 battle tanks to Kiev. El Pais reports that, similar to the missiles’ case, the hardware is not in active service for quite some time. The tanks were given to Spain in 1995 by Germany and have been sitting at an Army logistic base for 10 years.

According to defense sources, as many as 40 tanks may end up being shipped to Ukraine after they have been refurbished and restored to combat condition.

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Also, it was reported by the newspaper that training in tanks using the Spanish tank has been offered by the Spanish government to Ukrainian military personnel. The article states that the training would be held in Latvia initially, as 500 Spanish soldiers and Leopard 2E tanks will be deployed to support NATO forces. However, training will be carried out on Spanish soil in the future, according to unnamed officials who spoke with El Pais.

According to the paper, Spain had so far only supplied ammunition and small arms to Ukraine.

According to the report, April 21 was the pivotal date when Pedro Sanchez, Spanish Prime Minister, traveled to Kiev to meet with Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukrainian President.

Sergey Pohoreltsev the Ukrainian ambassador to Madrid said that light weapons Spain has provided so far were insufficient. “While we appreciate you, we can’t say we are content.

Pohoreltsev requested the delivery anti-ship, anti-aircraft and missiles. He also asked for 120mm mortars and 155-millimeter howitzers. The Leopard tanks were high on his list. He even stated that Kiev wanted them before it received the training.

The ambassador insisted that Ukraine is not asking for “Spain can contribute to nothing.

Since the start of Russia’s offensive in Ukraine in late February, numerous European nations, as well as the US, UK, and Australia, have been providing Ukraine with weapons and ammunition.

In the initial month of conflict, the shipment consisted primarily of small arms as well as man-portable and portable anti-tank missiles and anti-aircraft weapons. However, the US and several other countries eventually accepted Kiev’s requests for heavy weaponry, with howitzers and multiple launch rocket systems now being delivered.

Russia repeatedly denounced the shipment, insisting that they serve only to prolong conflict.

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