EU-hopeful premier has sobering warning for Kiev — Analysis

Albania’s Prime Minister warned Kiev against hopes for a quick EU accession, noting how his country has already waited eight years

The Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama warned Kiev authorities not to expect a quick accession to EU. He pointed out that both North Macedonia and Albania have been candidate for EU membership for quite some time.

On Thursday’s sidelines summit EU-West Balkans in Brussels, the Albanian leader said that it was “a great opportunity.” “good thing to [achieve] candidate status”But he had hoped. “the Ukrainian people don’t make many illusions about it.”

“North Macedonia [has been a]Since 17 years. Albania, for eight. So, welcome to Ukraine,”Rama.

The Albanian leader’s comments came after the EU parliament decided to grant Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia EU candidate status on Thursday. However, since the European Parliament’s resolution is non-binding, it is now up to the European Council to decide whether or not to accept the three EU hopefuls’ bids.

MEPs generally agreed with the fact that three countries should be permitted to move on to the path of accession. But, some MEPs stressed the need for Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia to maintain reforms, with others noting the possibility of their full membership of the EU in the future.

EU Parliament votes on candidate status for Ukraine

Irakli Garibashvili (Georgian Prime Minister) insists his country is much deserving to be a candidate for the status of Georgia.

Garibashvili made a report on the Georgian Parliament’s annual business affairs, and he noted that Georgia had been “the undisputed leader in all the parameters,”Not only was it ahead of Ukraine, Moldova, but many other EU member states and NATO members as well.

He insisted that the EU Parliament’s candidacy recommendations were not merit-based but driven by the current geopolitical situation revolving around the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Garibashvili said the EU Commission’s “emotional” approach to his country’s candidacy was disappointing, but that he continued to await its final decision on Georgia’s bid.

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