EU foreign policy chief mocked for Russian officials shopping threat — Analysis

Josep Borrell’s vow that government employees and MPs won’t be able to buy luxury goods in Europe failed to land

Russians who undermine Ukrainian sovereignty won’t be able to shop in Milan, party in Saint-Tropez or purchase diamonds in Antwerp, the EU’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell tweeted on Tuesday. It was quickly deleted by the EU’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell hours later after it caused ridicule from its intended audience.

The no-more-shopping punchline was part of a thread published on Borrell’s account to announce the EU’s decision to punish Russian officials involved in the recognition of two breakaway republics in eastern Ukraine as sovereign nations. It was announced that personal sanctions would be applied to 351 Russian State Duma Members who voted for this move. “are undermining #Ukraine’s territorial integrity, sovereignty & independence,”Tweets

“No more: Shopping in #Milano Partying in #SaintTropez Diamonds in #Antwerp This is a first step. #WeStandUnited,”The final tweet was read.

EU to hit Russia with sanctions that ‘will hurt a lot’ – Borrell

Maria Zakharova (spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry) stated in the post that Borrell was confirmed by the Russian Foreign Ministry. “wasn’t even aware”The identity of the anonymous author is based on what his followers write about him in social media. “undereducated employees.”

Over the years, the account didn’t once comment on civilian victims of the civil war in Ukraine, Zakharova stated, adding that “now we know why.”

“Shopping and partying are the things that really interest [them]. Such behavior by ‘civilized nations’ borders losing all humanity,”Sie said.

Some European officials also criticised the tweet for being too cavalier. Assita Kako, a Belgian Member of the European Parliament who represented the New Flemish Alliance conservative, advised Borrell to leave Brussels alone so he could do his job. “handling” Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Le Chou, a satirical news outlet posted a cartoon of Borrell in a guard position at a mall. “sneaky Russian oligarchs”Gucci stores in Milan.

The tweet was removed shortly after publication.

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