EU brands its own member state an ‘autocracy’ — Analysis

It is symbolic because Brussels, reportedly, plans to reduce funding to Hungary.

Thursday’s vote by the European Parliament to declare Hungary an EU member was a success. “electoral autocracy.”As the gap between Budapest, Brussels and Brussels grows wider, the EU has accused Hungary of corruption. Prime Minister Viktor Orban accuses the EU of breaking away from the bloc regarding immigration and antiRussian sanctions.

By a vote of 433 to 123, the parliament decided to stop considering Hungary as an option. “democracy,”It should be labelled as such “hybrid regime of electoral autocracy.” 

In its report on Hungary’s political system, EU lawmakers alleged that the country’s elections and judicial independence are compromised, and that Orban’s government has restricted the rights of migrants, minorities, and the LGBT community. The report’s conclusions were based on an “increasing consensus among experts,”The document was read.

Hungary retorted that the report was inaccurate “is based on subjective opinions and politically biased statements,”Is it? “yet another attempt by the federalist European political parties to attack Hungary and its Christian-democratic, conservative government.” 

EU may punish Hungary – media

This report urges the European Commission “make full use of the tools available”Budapest to conform with “European values.”

The vote came a day after Bloomberg reported that the European Commission may withhold more than €40 billion in funding for Hungary over allegations of corruption by Orban’s government. The commission began investigating these allegations shortly after Orban’s Fidesz party was re-elected in a landslide victory in April.

The European Parliament in 2018 voted to trigger Article 7 of the Treaty on European Union against Hungary in response to Orban’s crackdown on immigration and supposed defiance of the bloc’s “core values.”This move, if ratified and endorsed by the Council of Europe could result in Hungary losing its membership rights. It may also be subject to sanctions.

In addition to heavily restricting immigration, Hungary has more recently clashed with the EU over the bloc’s response to the conflict in Ukraine. Hungary is refusing to let weapons enter Ukraine through its territory. It has also opposed Russian sanctions and increased gas imports from Russia. 

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