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Change is an inherent feature of our lives. However, we often tend to take change for granted. Change is the result of the efforts of individuals who dedicate their lives to imagining and creating a better future for humanity. Their drive and passion result in systemic change which entirely transforms lives of those around them. Due to their vision and efforts, these harbingers of change are often entrusted with leaderships positions by the communities that they work in. It is an expression of trust, both in their abilities and dreams. Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi is one such person for Brazil. 

The country has long struggled with a lack of progress. This lacking is particularly pronounced in rural communities, where a cultural shift is long overdue. Arnaldi has focused his efforts on facilitating change in Brazil’s rural communities through the construction of infrastructure and advocating for the needs of its residents on multiple platforms. 

Arnaldi is the CEO of Sial Engenharia, a company that he founded in 1991. Arnaldi’s company initially built a reputation for itself through taking on sanitation projects. Though the company had simple beginnings, given its ethical practices and dedication, it soon started gaining popularity through word-of-mouth. Sial started collaborations with key developers, urban planners and other major stakeholders in the infrastructure landscape of Brazil. The company has since come a long way and is involved in some of the biggest infrastructure projects in Brazil. In the communities where these infrastructure projects are undertaken, they have generated employment, improved quality of life, and attracted investors. 

Sial, under the leadership of Arnaldi, is working gradually to transform the lives of Brazilians. It has provided better healthcare, connectivity through transportation infrastructure, facilitated a shift towards renewable energy, and quality housing. 

Better Healthcare

Good healthcare is a key indicator of the quality of life. Any attempt to improve a community cannot be complete without providing access to healthcare services. Arnaldi and his team, in 2008, led the development of all electrical aspects for the construction of the Hospital Regional do Litoral in Paranagua. Sial installed air-conditioning systems, hydro and sanitary facilities, and managed other construction aspects of the hospital. 

In 2009, Sial was contracted to carry out expansion and renovation works for Hospital Anisio Figueiredo. The team successfully created a state-of-the-art facility with 114 beds. This was a valuable upgrade for the local community who had not had access to modern healthcare facilities. In the same year, Sial was also entrusted with the renovation of Hospital Dr Eulalino Ignacio. The project added 141 beds to the hospital, greatly expanding its capacity. 

In 2014, Arnaldi also oversaw the construction of a 3,000 square meter outpatient clinic, called Sao Jose Dos Pinahis Emergency Unit. A similar outpatient clinic was added to the Afonso Pena International Airport. Travellers and the residents in the surrounding areas can now benefit from quality healthcare. 

Connectivity Through Transportation Infrastructure 

Arnaldi understands that mobility and connectivity should be afforded to everyone. Enhanced mobility allows people from rural communities to connect with the outside world. Not only are they able to pursue better opportunities elsewhere, but it also attracts investment and commerce. Well-connected places become the focal point of entrepreneurs, who are keen on developing that place, ultimately driving the economy. Sial has completed multiple transportation infrastructure projects, including the Alfonso Pena International Airport, Foz Airport, Macae Airport, and the Curitiba Railroad. 

Work on the Alfonso Pena International Airport was started in 2016. Sial had complete project autonomy for the multi-phase expansion of the airport. Named after the sixth president of Brazil, it is located in Curitiba. Sial carried out the expansion of the passenger terminal, upgraded the roads leading up to the airport, and renovated other miscellaneous aspects of the airport. This project has increased the capacity of the airport, which can now cater to a growing number of travellers. The increase in mobility has also resulted in a boost in commerce in the local community. 

In 2017, Infraero and CCR awarded the contract of Foz do Iguaço International Airport’s renovation to Sial. Foz do Iguaço is the seventh-largest city in Parana. The airport is crucial, as it connects travellers to the Iguaço National Park, and Brazilians to the neighbouring countries, Peru and Chile. The company was awarded the contract for its proven technical expertise and a reasonable quote of R$ 45 million. The project included expanding the passenger terminals, upgrading access to the airport, revamping the aircraft apron, constructing a new guardhouse, installing lights, and a new electrical system. This project has facilitated tourism in the area, spurred the local economy, and provided residents with access to faster transport. Given the potential of the airport, the runaway is going to be expanded by another 600 meters, which would allow flights to the United States. 

Simultaneously with the Foz do Iguaço Airport, Sial renovated the Macae Airport. The project covered 15,000 square meters. They constructed a modern passenger terminal and improved access to the airport by constructing roads and renovating the parking spaces.

In 2014, the company was also awarded the contract to expand and renovate the Curitiba Railroad. The project covered 24,000 square meters. The scope of the project included renovating ancillary buildings, parking structures, bus terminals, and the adjacent areas.

Facilitating a Shift Towards Renewable Energy

Climate change is a huge concern. If left unaddressed, it poses disastrous consequences for people across the world. Fossil fuels are one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gases that are heating the planet. To slow down global warming, countries need to start shifting towards renewable sources of energy. 

Arnaldi understands the importance of shifting towards greener sources of energy, which is why he has focused Sial’s efforts on renewable energy projects. In 2016, the company constructed the largest solar panel project, called the Fecomercio Parana system. This project is the largest source of renewable energy in the Parana region, it produces 163,336 kWh of energy. The completed project is now worth R$105,000. It has generated substantial financial savings, encouraging community growth, and set the standard for sustainable energy generation in the Parana region. 

Quality Housing and Entertainment

Sial has always given special attention to housing projects since a house is the ultimate sign of security for people. The company is dedicated to producing houses that are innovative and sustainable. 

In 2010, Arnaldi and his team headed a housing development project that spanned eleven blocks. The complex is called the Resdencial Moradas do Campo. It has an impressive 320 apartments and dedicated parking spaces. The complex has something for all of the residents in the area, as it has apartments with one, two or three bedrooms. Moradas do Campo has greatly benefitted from Arnaldi’s forward-thinking. It is, therefore, equipped with barbecues stations on roofs, a playground, a ballroom, a dedicated water tank, a gas station, and a guardhouse. 

Later, in 2012, Sial was awarded the contract for constructing Residencial Ilha do Mel. The project covered 15,000 square meters and has 288 apartments. The project has a total of nine buildings and maintains the same level of quality as Moradas do Campo. In the same year, Sial also constructed 594 apartment units for the Serra do Mar housing complex in Sao Jose dos Pinhais. 

Having adequate avenues for entertainment is important for a balanced lifestyle. Arnaldi continues to field projects that provide communities with entertainment opportunities. With an uptick in commerce and better employment opportunities, the demand for leisurely activities inevitably increases. Leisurely activities have social and economic benefits for the community. Having entertainment opportunities within a city is beneficial as the residents can help the community with their increased purchasing power. Sial has created spaces that bring communities together to shop and spend their free time. 

 Arnaldi’s company oversaw the construction of the West Side Mall and the Maria Eduarda Modas. With the inclusion of shopping destinations in the region, Arnaldi has made shopping accessible and convenient. His commitment to lifestyle improvement also resulted in the expansion of the Complexo de Turismo e Lazer de Coiba, and the Museu de Arte do Parana. 

Through these projects, Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi has been able to create a huge difference in the lives of the communities that he works with. Even though he had humble beginnings, from the very start, he was acutely aware of the transformative power of bringing communities together. His projects have created meaningful change by increasing mobility and promising a better future. Arnaldi has responded to the modern need of being well-connected and closely worked with community leaders to cater to these needs. 

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