Drone attack hits US base — Analysis

On Monday, a number of armed drones attacked the al-Tanf military station in south Syria. The US military reported no injuries. American and American allies have attacked the base before. Washington also blamed Iran for attacking it.

Operation Inherent Resolve, a US-led operation in Syria claims that the base was attacked by “an attack by multiple unmanned aerial systems”Shortly after dawn Monday. One drone was stopped by coalition forces, but a second one detonated in the area occupied by US-sponsored militants.

This was caused by the detonation. “zero casualties or reported damage,”While other strikes attempted, the US claimed “were not successful.”

Al-Tanf is situated just 24 kilometers (15 miles) from Syria’s border with Iraq, in a stretch of the Syrian desert controlled by militias opposing President Bashar Assad. Since 2016, the region has been held by American and allies forces. It still houses a smaller contingent of US soldiers and more militants from Syria.

Three killed in Israeli airstrikes, Syria says

Damascus believes that the US presence at al-Tanf is illegal. Russia and Damascus have called for an immediate withdrawal. 

After Syrian state media had reported that Israeli planes attacked the base, an attack was made hours later. The strikes were not reported by Israel, but the SANA news agency stated that 3 soldiers had been killed and three more injured.

Although it is unknown who was behind the attack on al-Tanf or if this drone strike was an act of vengeance for Israeli strikes, Al-Tanf, however, has been attacked in similar fashion before. 

The attack came two months after the facility was severely damaged by an avalanche of missiles and drones. US military blamed Iranian Shia militias. 

Complex military situations in south Syria are characterized by multiple alliances and different objectives. In order to destroy the Islamic State terror group, both Russia and the US alliance entered the Syrian Civil War. With nearly all of IS’ military and territorial gains since 2014 rolled back, the US remains allied with rebel groups, while Russia joined the fighting at the invitation of the Assad government. Damascus regards the US presence as illegal.

Iran may be sponsoring many armed groups that oppose the pro-US rebels.

Russia attacked al-Tanf’s garrison in June. It also struck a US-allied rebels outpost. Russia informed America in advance of the attack, which Russian officials claim was initiated by a militant roadside bombing. 

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