Dozens of Middle Eastern migrants enter Poland ‘by force’ — Analysis

Polish officials claimed that they had arrested 50 people seeking asylum from Belarus. The EU has accused Minsk for creating a refugee crisis.

Regional police spokesperson Tomasz Krupa said 50 people crossed the border “by force” near the village of Starzyn shortly after 8pm local time on Saturday. According to Krupa, 22 people were arrested by the police as they tried to seek asylum. All of them are Iraqi nationals.

Later, the Polish Border Guard stated that all 50 of these intruders had been quickly captured and arrested. “brought to the border line.”

Krupa claimed that around the same moment on Saturday several dozen tried to enter the country near KlukowiczeKolonia while about 100 were still waiting. The police spokesperson said that the migrants attacked officers with stones and damaged a vehicle. “A stone hit the helmet of one officer. Fortunately, the policeman didn’t require hospitalization,”He stated.  

According to the Polish Border Guard, Saturday saw 223 attempts to illegally cross from Belarus to Poland. 

Over 3,000 people seeking asylum, mostly from the Middle East and other countries, are currently camping at the Belarusian border. They have endured cold November nights and the occasional use of tear gas and pepper spray by Polish border guards. According to reports, up to 10 migrants were killed in the standoff since last month. 

As part of its “adverse actions”, the EU has accused Belarus of creating the refugee crisis. “hybrid attack”Against the bloc. The EU’s top diplomat, Josep Borrell, told Le Journal du Dimanche on Sunday that member states will decide on November 15 whether to broaden sanctions on Minsk to target “all those involved in the smuggling of migrants to that country, for example, airlines and travel agencies.”

Borrell indicated that around 30 Belarusian government officers will be sanctioned by the EU. “involved in the crisis.”

Alexander Lukashenko from Belarus denies that the EU helped to facilitate migrants crossing the Polish border. Officials from Belarus accuse the EU, accusing it of starting a hybrid war against Minsk through supporting media and opposition figures. 

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