Dozens killed in ferry inferno (PHOTOS, VIDEO) — Analysis

In a huge fire that broke out at the ferry dock in Bangladesh, more than 35 people were killed and many others were hurt in the blaze. It happened in the early morning of Friday.

The majority of people onboard were asleep when the vessel caught flames mid-river at 3 AM local time Friday. According to local media, it took only 10 minutes for all the flames to consume the vessel. To avoid a horrific death by fire, several passengers had to get off the boat and jump into the frigid river water.

“I was sleeping on the deck and woke up hearing screams and a loud noise,”Anisur Rahman was identified by a survivor and told journalists that he could see smoke from the back of the vessel. Rahman claimed that the fire grew worse and he was forced to jump from his boat to save himself.

Social media photos and videos show how the huge vessel was transformed into an inferno. Large flames exploded from its windows, and the hull of its massive vessel was engulfed in fire. In an attempt to save lives, many people were drowned.

According to a local officer, 37 bodies have been recovered from the river by rescue services. Two more victims died of severe burns while on the way to the hospital. According to media reports, some people remain missing. 

70 others were also injured in the fire, some with serious burns. Local authorities confirmed that all were admitted to the hospital. The fire was contained by 15 firefighters in two hours, with another eight hours for the ferry to cool off.

Later the vessel’s blackened hull could be seen at the bank of a river. Several relatives were gathered near the site to seek out information on their family members. The river was still being searched by rescue service personnel hours after the accident.

According to reports, the ferry carrying 500-800 people left Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital. According to some reports, the ferry had a maximum capacity of 310. It was located 250km south of the capital in the vicinity of Jhalokathi, a rural community.

It’s not known what the causes were. In Bangladesh with its 130 rivers, ferry service is a common mode of public transport. Furthermore, incidents involving ferry transport are very common. These are usually due to inadequate safety measures or overcrowding.

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