Diego Ruiz Duran Reflects on the World Transitioning Back to Normalcy

Diego Ruiz Duran is one of the top defense attorneys throughout the country of Mexico. Like many other businesses during the coronavirus pandemic, his firm, Ruiz Durán Abogados, suffered financially as well as productivity wise. It seemed as if the world was crashing down, and millions of people around the world did not know when it was all going to end. However, with three vaccines discovered, people are now gaining a sense of optimism that things will return back to normal soon. Duran is excited for when that time comes so his business can achieve its fullest potential once again. 

Duran’s firm is famously known across the nation. He hopes to continue expanding his client portfolio and has an ultimate goal of, “continuing to grow as a firm and continue to provide with integrity and ethics the services we have provided so far”. He earned his master’s degree from the University of Oxford and also obtained a specialty in Oral Trials from the Free School of Law. His firm is deemed successful due to the fact that the people who work there can feel the sense of passion and determination. There is an overall sense of motivation to seek justice for clients who are victims of a crime, so when the pandemic hit, it was unfortunate for Diego Ruiz Duran and his team who would have to put all of that passionate work on hold. 

They did find a loophole, however. The firm prioritized the most urgent matters and collaborated as a team and were able to deliver notable results to clients despite the health contingency. With the United States and other countries beginning to reopen their doors, Diego Ruiz Duran wonders how exactly the world will return to normal?

Experts are predicting that countries will start transitioning to normalcy sometime in either the Summer or Fall of 2021. But that doesn’t mean society will go back to the old sense of normal. Scientists think that by this Fall, the world will adopt a “new normal” as we gradually come out of the pandemic. That means masks will still be worn, routine tests will still exist and vaccine cards may be required to be let into restaurants and other establishments. Despite the public’s expectations, the world will not go back to normal overnight, it is not going to be like a light switch. 

The public, however, does play a role in how quickly we can return to normal. Health experts say that to weaken and eventually kill off the virus, 70-85% of a country’s population need to be vaccinated. Diego Ruiz Duran encourages people to get the vaccine to help conclude this deadly pandemic. He believes that the benefits definitely outweigh any minor risk or reaction involved. With lockdowns and restrictions making it past one year, he knows how mentally exhausted people are and how desperate people are to regain their freedom. With that in mind, getting vaccinated is the most effective way to contribute to restrictions being lifted once and for all. 

Diego Ruiz Duran and his team are anxiously awaiting for business to return as usual. The coronavirus pandemic was a very stressful time for everyone and with the distribution of the vaccine, there is once again a sense of hope. All in all, it will be a gradual and steady process of the world fully reopening, but we are taking the necessary steps to eventually get there. In the meantime, people should certainly book an appointment to get their vaccine and help participate in the final conclusion of a harmful virus and help the world come back to normal.


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