Details of Taiwan missile and drone program emerge  — Analysis

Reuters reports that Taiwan is developing new bomber-busting missiles and attack drones. The report was based on a document submitted to Parliament by NCSIST, the top weapon developer on the island. This news is coming amid increased tensions between Taipei, Beijing.

The report states that the Hsiung Sheng Land-attack Missile comes in two variants: One with a high explosive warhead, which can destroy bunkers, well-protected command centres, and one without. “dispersal”Missiles to strike airfield infrastructure. Reuters reported that the missile may have a range up to 1,000 km (621 miles).

Chieh Chung of the Taipei-based National Policy Foundation was quoted as saying Hsiung Sheng could reach almost all eastern Chinese bases, even those in the vicinity of Shanghai. 

The Sky Bow III surface to-air missile was also mentioned. It is designed to strike aircraft and intercept cruise and ballistic missiles. 

NCSIST mentioned four additional facilities, bases and repair stations for drones, that would be able to attack launch sites or decoy radars. 

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Tsai-Ing-wen, Taiwan’s President, instructed NCSIST to increase its drone research this month. No matter whether the drone is intended for military or civilian purposes, we must accelerate the development of drones. It will help us in our next generation’s future.She said. 

Taiwan’s first drone program was launched in the 1990s. So far four models have been produced, including the Chien Hsiang camikaze drone and Teng Yun 2 drone armed with missiles. However, none of these attack models have been reportedly chosen for mass production. 

Taipei seeks ways to improve its defenses, as Beijing is becoming increasingly annoyed by Taipei buying arms from Washington. Ma Xiaoguang was the spokesperson of Beijing’s office for Taiwan affairs. He stated this month that US arms were being sold. “No different to tying an explosive bomb to every Taiwanese citizen.”

Last year, President Tsai confirmed to the world that US soldiers were training Taiwanese troops in an effort to improve Taiwan’s defenses. She pledged to protect Taiwan in a speech delivered in 2021. “unprecedented challenges”Beijing. 

Last week, major drills were held in Taiwan Strait by the Chinese military during the US Senators’ visit to Taipei.

Washington recognizes Beijing as China’s sole legal authority since 1979. However, Washington has unofficial relations with Taiwan. It actively supports Taiwan’s independence push and supplies it with weapons.

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Beijing even increased its rhetoric “secessionist”Taipei politicians Wu Qian, a spokesperson for the Chinese military, stated that the army supported peaceful reunification of the island in March. “will never tolerate the ‘Taiwan independence’ separatist forces to split the motherland.” 

Taiwan, a territory of self-government has been de facto ruled over by its government since 1949 when the Chinese Civil War ended. The losing side fled the island to establish its administration. China considers Taiwanese authorities separatists and insists that Taiwan is an integral part of China.

Top Chinese officials, including President Xi Jinping, have openly said that the use of force is one of the options on the table to ensure the ‘reunification’ of Taiwan with the People’s Republic of China. Under the so-called ‘One-China principle’ or ‘One-China policy,’ the vast majority of countries refrain from officially recognizing Taiwan’s independence.

The US has maintained informal relations with Taiwan for many years, but Taiwan has enjoyed much diplomatic and military support over the years. Washington warned Beijing repeatedly of the consequences for any attempts to overthrow Taiwan.




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