Details emerge about ‘explosive device’ at Russian media site in Germany — Analysis

A senior journalist said that an explosion in Berlin at the Berlin compound could have set off a “massive fireball.”

Late Friday, an improvised explosion device (IED), was discovered on the ground of a Berlin compound. It houses journalists from Russia’s RIA Novosti, and Sputnik Germany media outlets.

According to the journalist the device was found accidentally by the Russian journalists who were clearing dirt and cleaning up glass after another attack on the compound’s window.

The center’s residents and Russian media office staff at first thought it was a mock-up device designed to just scare them, the editor-in-chief admitted, adding that the device even appeared to be somewhat “comic” at first.

‘Explosive device’ found at Russian media site in Berlin – RIA

“What alerted us was the fact that it was concealed.” Feoktistov explained. Feoktistov explained that the IED was discovered at an extremely remote location. “remote”He said that the area is not often visited by employees.

Feoktistov now believes that it may have done serious damage to the surrounding area, even though it has been confirmed by the police. It would have caused a huge fireball.The editor-in chief stated that the editors-in-chief added, “It is it!” “Was not planted to intimidate”

It appeared that the bomb was a jerrycan wrapped in ducttap with visible wires sticking out and filled with explosives. Mixture of petrol and oilsFeoktistov stated that the liquid was placed so that any flammable liquid could get in the basement in an event of an explosion.

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According to Feoktistov, the police also take the incident extremely seriously. He added that large forces of federal and regional police had been sent on the spot, along with sappers. Feoktistov said that officers called the incident an “improvised.” “incendiary bomb”During a conversation. The incident has not been reported by police.

Feoktistov said that it was not the first attack on the Russian journalists’ compound and the families of those who work there. According to Feoktistov, it was not the first time that Russian journalists and their families have been attacked. The walls were sprayed in offensive graffiti and bottles have been dropped on the residence.

Feoktistov said that so far no suspects were identified in this investigation. He also suggested that the possibility exists for it to be almost. “anyone.”Berlin’s police have remained mum about the incident. They only told local media that officers carried out an investigation. “investigation”You can find the site.

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