Denmark flip-flops on Covid jab pass — Analysis

The Danish government on Friday proposed a digital “corona pass” mandate for employees amid a third wave of Covid infections, marking a reversal only two months after the country removed restrictions. 

In principle, the mandate for Covid Pass has been approved by government officials and trade unions. The law is likely to be formally adopted next week.

Employers will be able to request that all workers present Covid passes to prove they are either completely vaccinated or have tested positive for the virus.

“We have made an agreement, which can provide greater security in the workplace and hopefully help Denmark get through the winter as well as possible,”Mattias Tesfaye was the interim minister for business in Kenya.

This legislation is two months after Denmark removed Covid restrictions. At the time, Denmark declared that coronavirus wasn’t a threat to humans. “critical threat to society.”Denmark has joined the European Union’s list of member countries that have reinstated Covid safety precautions amid an increase in infections with the recent reversal.

First in EU, Denmark FULLY lifts Covid restrictions almost 550 days after lockdown was introduced

Denmark supports the Covid pass after Hans Kluge from the World Health Organization warned Europe that it could be seen. “half a million deaths”from the virus that was infected before February. Kluge expressed concern about Tuesday’s outbreak. “relaxation of public-health and social measures,”Warning that the increase in infections was being fueled by this warning.

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