Deaths feared after suspected arson in Osaka building — Analysis

According to police, 27 people were killed by a fire in Osaka Japan.

A fire consumed the commercial building – which houses a mental health clinic, among other businesses – near the busy Kitashinchi train station on Friday, and photos show the windows of the fourth floor broken and burned.

Osaka Police spokesperson told AFP the tragedy could have been caused by an “arson attack, given the circumstances at the scene,”But he noted that further investigation was ongoing into the causes of the fire.

27 of the people inside the building were reportedly dead and found to be in an unresponsive state. Unrelated injuries were reported to have been sustained by another person.

Reporters were told by a witness that she works in the vicinity. “looked outside and saw an orange flame from the window of the building’s fourth floor.”Witness also stated that the witness saw a woman. “was waving her hand from the sixth floor, seeking rescue.”

This incident is the latest of a series of arson attacks on Japan that has shaken it.

33 people died in the 2019 arson attack against Kyoto Animation Studios. Japan is not known for violent crime, so the Kyoto Animation arson was one of the most horrific mass murders that has occurred in Japan in 18 years.

In October, a man dressed as ‘Batman’ villain ‘the Joker’ stabbed 17 people on a Tokyo subway train before dousing the train car in a flammable liquid and setting it on fire.



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