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Czech police have opened an investigation into whether President Milos Zeman’s aides committed a crime by not telling other officials or the public that the country’s leader was not fit to carry out his duties.

On Tuesday, Czech police said they would open a probe into whether Zeman’s aides committed a crime, citing information that the president’s chief of staff, Vratislav Mynar, knew about the severity of his boss’ illness.

“With regards to the new information, released by the Senate, the police will launch an investigation of possible unlawful acts, in which signs of crimes against the republic can be detected,”According to the police, they used Twitter for their statement.

Mynar has also come under pressure from Prime Minister Andrej Babis to resign after he failed to provide officials with any information about Zeman’s health.

Milos Vystrcil, Senate Speaker, stated Monday that Zeman had been in intensive care since October 10th. 

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Czech President Zeman cannot fulfill his duties. Senate speaker says, as leader spends eighth day in intensive Care

Vystrcil claimed that the hospital told him there was only a slight chance the leader would be able to return to his duties within the next weeks. He also claimed that the hospital said they had informed Mynar about the severity of Zeman’s condition on October 13; however, Mynar apparently never imparted this information to other officials or to the Czech public.

The president’s aide instead took the speaker of parliament’s lower house to see Zeman on October 14. Mynar stated that the president had signed the decree calling for parliament to be convened, the first since the election one week before.

Nine days ago, the president was admitted to the hospital after meeting with his predecessor.

Zeman suffers from a range of medical conditions including diabetes. He was admitted to hospital on September 10.

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