Covid-positive nurses asked to work in struggling Australian hospitals – media — Analysis

Australian nurses have apparently been recalled for work on hospital wards, despite their positive Covid-19 results.

According to The Guardian, covid-positive nurses from New South Wales were called up to help with staff shortages in hospitals. These allegations have been denied by Australian authorities.

The Guardian reported on Monday that in desperate times, hospital managements had to call off nurses who were positive for Covid. This was to alleviate staff shortages.

According to the newspaper, it was contacted by several nurses in New South Wales who claimed they were covid-positive and were working with colleagues.

The paper states that approximately 2,500 health care workers in the state are living isolated as Omicron spreads. This is putting an enormous strain on the hospitals system.

According to some reports, hospital staff were verbally and unofficially told by their supervisors that Covid positive nurses could resume work, as long as they were not symptomatic and were wearing personal protective equipment.

The Guardian was told by sources that nurses had obvious signs, such as coughing and sneezing. “God help any non-Covid patient in a hospital right now. They are sitting ducks,”Guardian Australia received a report from a nurse.

The state’s healthcare authority denied however that Covid-positive personnel were working in the wards. 

Many children are mistakenly giving Covid jabs to adults.

“Healthcare workers in NSW who test positive to Covid-19 are required to isolate at home and are not permitted to return to work until they are released from isolation,”According to a spokesperson.

Rules were loosened on New Year’s Eve to allow workers who were close contacts to Covid cases to leave isolation if they had no symptoms and were deemed essential by employers.

Dominic Perrottet from NSW, the premier has stated that the system can deal with Omicron waves.

These comments were reinforced by Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Monday. Scott Morrison noted that Australia’s system of health could handle the crisis. “very different virus” – a reference to the Omicron variant.

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