Cops hesitated to enter classroom during mass shooting – media

Surveillance footage shows that officers were waiting for 77 minutes before a gunman murdered children at school.

According to the San Antonio Express News, police officers who responded to the mass shooting at a Uvalde elementary school last month, waited for 77 minutes until the gunman was brought down. They also did not try to get into the area where the attack was occurring, even though they had keys and other tools, Saturday’s San Antonio Express News reports. This shooting was harshly criticized by the police.

Salvador Ramos (aged 18), shot and killed 20 children and two adults last month at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, before he was fatally shot by Border Patrol Agent. The Texas Department of Safety claimed that Ramos, despite conflicting accounts, was believed to have been Ramos in days following the shooting. “barricaded”He was locked in a school classroom, and they were not able to get out to end his rampage.

According to surveillance cameras footage and sources from law enforcement, San Antonio Express News claims that Ramos entered classroom 111 by opening an unlocked gate and was then able enter classroom 112 via an interior door. He could not lock the door.

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FILE PHOTO: Police walk near Robb Elementary School following a shooting in  in Uvalde, Texas, May 24, 2022
Texas cops did ‘nothing’ to stop school shooter – parents

According to reports, the video shows Ramos’ officers entering the building within just two minutes. Then they retreat after the gunman opens fire. Pedro Arredondo (a chief of the school district police) stated earlier that Ramos was still waiting on tactical gear and school keys, and was keeping officers from entering the classroom. 

Arredondo claimed that he tried each key on the same classroom as Ramos, but the San Antonio Express News stated that Arredondo was trying different keys in an attempt to find a master key.

This new report alleges that Arredondo’s officers had full access to a Halligan door-breaching tool. It is not known if the classroom door was locked or unlocked as Arredondo claims. 

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Total, it took 77 minutes from the moment that police entered the school to the time when an agent off-duty of Border Patrol entered the classroom and shot Ramos.

Uvalde officials and DPS refuse to confirm whether the doors were locked or unlocked. DPS has also changed their story many times about whether or not the outside door to school was open or closed. 

Parents who were unable to access the school in this period claim they received no response from officers. “did nothing”They were trying to end the inside slaughter and claim that federal marshals had handcuffed them when they attempted to intervene.



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