Connect With More Consumers With A Great Business Website

Running a successful business is all about the connections you build with consumers.  Connecting with a wider base of consumers gives you a better chance at building your success, and digital efforts will reach the bulk of your audience.  

A good business website lays a solid foundation for your company’s digital marketing efforts.  With a great base design, your website will help your business stake its claim online.  Check out a brief compilation of a few design tips that will help your business website find success online.  

Start with navigation

Building a website that works is a crucial part of finding success online.  Create your website in such a way that it’s easy for users to understand how to sift through the various pieces of information you have to offer.  

A simple navigation design is key.  This site for commercial disinfecting services displays just how useful a simple navigation design can be.  Make sure people can find what they’re looking for on your site by adding a stationary navigation bar to your design.  

A simple design will go far

When designing the aesthetic of your business website, keep it simple.  People are interested in getting straight to the point, and they don’t need pages so full of content that it’s distracting.  

Try to keep the ads to a minimum, and don’t overload your pages with excess information.  Declutter the look of your website, so users don’t get overwhelmed with what is presented.  

Add communication to the mix

Communication is a huge part of what makes digital visibility an asset for your business.  Your website should facilitate communication between your business and your consumer base.  

Add the normal “Contact Us” page to your design, but make sure your site has other ways for users to make contact.  The homepage is a good place to add a simple contact form and a phone number for quick access.  

Social media helps spread the word

Your website is a great place to add social media sharing buttons.  Sharing buttons give users the ability to spread the word about your operation to friends and family.  

If you want to reap the benefit of a little bit of free marketing, plant social media sharing icons in strategic locations around your site.  Your blog posts, the homepage, and your contact page are all great places to add sharing abilities for passing users.  

A blog section will add more content
Adding a blog section to your business website will give interested users more to feed their interests.  Teaching people about the importance of your products and services is a great way to plead your case with consumers who are on the fence about making a purchase.  Post relevant and engaging blog entries regularly on your business blog, and work to build a loyal readership. 


Chadney is a journalist, the author of several books and the former editor of Cosmopotrist Magazine. She has also written for a variety of high-profile publications. Helen is the co-founder of The Writing Salon, which aims to help writers of all levels achieve their goals.

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