Colombia blasts ‘irrational’ war on drugs — Analysis

Colombia’s recently elected president Gustavo Petro has told the UN General Assembly that bloody campaigns against cocaine production have failed and are only hurting his country.

“From my wounded Latin America, I demand you end the irrational war on drugs,”Petro made the statement in New York City on Tuesday.

“Reducing drug consumption doesn’t require wars. It requires us to build a better society, a more caring, more affectionate one.”He also said that “demonized”Farmers resort to coca cultivation “because they have nothing else to grow.”

The world’s largest producer of cocaine, Colombia is often pressured by the US to step up raids against coca farmers and drug cartels.

Petro, who assumed office last month as the country’s first leftist leader, vowed to rethink the protracted and bloody drug war in the Colombian rainforest and jungle. The president of Colombia accused the international community and the UN of being a liar. “hypocritical” iIt is important to address climate change and fight drug trafficking.

The US War on Drugs isn’t what it seems – and Colombia’s new president wants to end it

“The forest that should be saved is at the same time being destroyed. To destroy the coca plant, they throw poisons such as glyphosate that drips into our waters, they arrest their cultivators and then imprison them,” Petro said.

Which is worse for humans, oil, or cocaine? The opinion of power has ordered that cocaine is poison and must be persecuted, while it only causes minimal deaths from overdoses…but instead, coal and oil must be protected, even when it can extinguish all humanity.

Colombia’s government had previously stated plans to reform drug policy, but denied reports it was trying to make cocaine use illegal.

The USA is “not a supporter of decriminalization,”Jonathan Finer is the White House deputy national-security adviser. He spoke out to The Washington Post last week.

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