Climate change is good for British farmers – environment secretary — Analysis

George Eustice stated that the global warming trend will increase demand for foods from more temperate areas of the globe.

British Environment Secretary George Eustice said Tuesday that climate change could be beneficial for British agriculture. This was despite the fact that other countries are experiencing more severe droughts due to global warming.

“Climate changes are going to cause water scarcity in certain parts of the world,”Eustice spoke at the conference of National Farmers Union (NFU), adding that “Some parts of the world with the best and most flexible agricultural land may have difficulty producing crops in the future”. 

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The minister retracted his grim prediction and said that it could benefit British farmers. According to “And that’s why the UK as well as other temperate countries will see a strong market for their produce,”He stated.

The conference saw Eustice challenged by British farmers on several topics. Minette Batters was the NFU’s president. She stated that the government was. “too focused”Rewilding is more important than productive agriculture.

“Although the world is in crisis and there are rising costs of living, UK Government’s efforts to protect our country seem almost solely focused on food production.”Sie said.

He was also challenged about new trade deals between Australia and New Zealand. This could result in British farmers losing out.

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