China’s Mars orbiter takes selfies (PHOTOS) — Analysis

Beijing showed four images from the Tianwen 1 mission of its Red Planet Mission.

The China National Space Administration (CNSA) has published new photos from its Tianwen 1 Mars project, including two spectacular selfies taken by the mission’s orbiter circling the planet.

An artificial satellite took a photo of itself, by sending a special camera to space and taking it back on a single-way trip.

The other image was taken in Mars’ orbit and captured the ice cover on its north pole. 

Another picture featured a barren Martian plain taken from China’s Zhurong rover, working on the planet’s surface.

The rover had spent 224 consecutive days on Red Planet as of Saturday. This exceeds its 3-month lifespan more than twice. It has traveled more that 1.4 km (9 miles) in this period.

‘Flat and rocky’ surface of Mars seen in high-resolution images released by China as part of its Martian mission (PHOTOS)

The Tianwen 1 mission, which includes an orbiter and a rover, reached Mars in February last year with the aim of studying the planet’s geology and atmosphere, while also searching for the current and past presence of water.

The device has sent nearly 540 gigabytes worth of data back from Earth to date. Beijing claims that the hardware is in good shape and still has sufficient energy to carry out its operation.

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