China’s food security push poses threat to US, officials warn — Analysis

A new government report claims Beijing’s agricultural policies could be dangerous for the United States

China’s efforts to achieve food security represent a threat to the US, according to a federal agency focused on trade with Beijing. Officials warn that Chinese firms could attempt to steal intellectual property, cut into Washington’s foodstuff exports profits, undermine American supply chains, and even target US genetically modified crops with biological warfare.

The US-China Economic and Security Review Commission has released a report this week that centers around “China’s interest in US agriculture”and that Beijing is “augmenting food security through investment abroad” after facing “challenges”These are the most recent years.

“The Chinese government’s domestic efforts, however, are not enough to solve China’s problems,”The report stated that Beijing has begun to look overseas, according to the conclusion. “to address its needs through investments and acquisitions of farmland, animal husbandry, agricultural equipment, and intellectual property (IP), particularly of GM [genetically modified] seeds.” 

This effort poses many risks for the US’ economic and national security.

Argument that China is “hungry”For American intellectual property, it warns against potential “military applications” of agricultural technologies, even suggesting the People’s Liberation Army could someday attempt to wage biological warfare against genetically modified American crops.

“While China’s main interest in obtaining GM seeds from the United States is in improving its crop yields, the potential weaponization of agricultural IP is possible,”It was. “Similar to hacking a computer code, Beijing could easily hack the code or DNA of US GM seeds and conduct biowarfare by creating some type of blight that could destroy US crops.”

Other concerns about US supply chain systems were also mentioned in the report. Beijing may be able to achieve these, according to the report. “undue leverage”Through its investments, the American economy has a significant impact on it “erode US competitiveness in agriculture technology.”

Anti-Russia sanctions triggering global food and energy crises – China

“Additionally, China’s illicit acquisitions of GM seeds provides a jumpstart to China’s own development of such seeds, deprives US companies of revenue, and offers an opportunity to discover vulnerabilities in US crops,”The commission was also added.

The warnings from Washington come amid a burgeoning international food crisis stemming from Russia’s attack on Ukraine in late February, as well as the massive Western sanctions campaign in response. Russia and Russia are important agricultural exporters. They supply some nations with substantial amounts of their grains. 

Although US officials and allies have pinched the problem of fertilizer and cereal shortages solely on Moscow, China recenty resisted those allegations before United Nations. Instead, it pointed out Western economic penalties.

“Sanctions will not bring peace but will only accelerate the spillover of the crisis, triggering sweeping food, energy and financial crises across the globe,”Dai Bing was the Chinese Deputy UN Ambassador.

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