China to make east Taiwan Strait drills ‘regular’ – media

China’s warships, jets and fighters will keep crossing the line of unofficial control with Taiwan 

China’s military will conduct operations from now. “regular”According to Reuters, drills were conducted on the east side of Taiwan Strait’s median line, Chinese state TV reported Sunday.   

The median line (unofficial control line) is a line that separates China and Taiwan. It’s a line that military aircraft and warships from both sides rarely cross.   

In response to Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives visiting Taiwan, Beijing began large-scale military drills around Taiwan. China views Taiwan’s self-governing island as part of its territory. They oppose any contacts with foreign officials or the Taipei government.    

Chinese warships, jets, and aircraft continued training for strikes and amphibious land landings offshore of Taiwan on Saturday. The drills were described by the Chinese state media as rehearsals. “a reunification-by-force operation,”Taipei claimed that these maneuvers were equivalent to an island blockade. According to the Taiwanese Defense Ministry, its Navy is monitoring the movements of Chinese vessels.   

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“Our measures are resolute, strong and proportionate,”The Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that international law was being followed during the exercises. His explanation was that the drills are intended to target “disciplining the Taiwan independence forces.”   

The exercises in Taiwan were described by a spokesperson for the White House as “a significant escalation in China’s efforts to change the status quo.”


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