China slams US-Taiwan trade talks — Analysis

China urged the United States not to resume negotiations with it to increase trade ties.

China insists that Washington stop trying to increase economic and military relations between Taipei and the United States after the most recent round of talks between Taiwanese and US officials. The Chinese claim the actions are dangerous. “peace and stability”The region. 

Commenting after the US declared a new initiative to bolster trade earlier this week, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said Beijing “firmly opposes”All forms of official contact with the island should be done through the mainland.

“Lately the US has made frequent moves and kept devising schemes on Taiwan. They are nothing but attempts to breach the one-China principle, bolster ‘Taiwan independence’ separatists and disrupt peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait,” he said on Thursday, referring to Beijing’s official stance that Taipei is part of China-proper.

Only one China exists in the entire world. Taiwan is an inalienable part of China’s territory.

China maintains that Washington has supported this principle in the past via a number of agreements. “joint communiques,”And that’s it! “consensus of the international community”Favors the current policy.

Lloyd Austin, the US Defense Secretary, recently stated to Japanese media that conflict in Ukraine was preventing him from going on a visit to Asia. “won’t distract us from facing the challenges to a free, stable and secure Indo-Pacific region,” also suggesting that the US would step up military aid and training to Taiwan in the future. To date, the Biden administration has approved multiple arms transfers to the island, while the president himself has indicated that the US would come to Taiwan’s defense in the event of a Chinese attack. Biden has also authorized regular sailing-throughs by the American military in the Taiwan Strait disputed, which repeatedly provoked the anger of Chinese officials.

Zhao stated that Zhao’s country had “always firmly opposed US arms sales to China’s Taiwan region,”Arguments for such moves “gravely”Infringe “China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

“If the US truly wants ‘a free, stable and secure Indo-Pacific region,’ then it should stop the erroneous practice of ganging up and stoking political antagonism and military confrontation in the region, and play a constructive role in enhancing mutual trust and cooperation among regional countries,” the spokesman added, addressing Austin’s comments directly.

Taipei recently stated its stance regarding military relations with the US. President TsaiIng-wen said that the island would pursue closer ties. “closer and deeper Taiwan-US cooperation on matters of regional security”Late last month, the Pentagon suggested that it is “proactively planning”Support for Taiwanese forces has been increased. 

Taiwan’s Defense Relations with the USA

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