China reveals list of punishments for diehard Taiwanese secessionists — RT World News

Beijing said that Taiwanese independence supporters will be held criminally accountable for their entire lives. It also listed a variety of punishments including preventing all the accused and their families entry to mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Hong Kong.

Speaking on Friday, Zhu Fenglian, a spokeswoman for China’s Taiwan Affairs Office, said that Beijing has created a list of people who are “stubbornly pro-Taiwan independence,” and that it intends to make sure they’re punished. 

According to the spokeswoman, those who are listed as secessionists would be subject to punishment under the law. The law will prohibit those named, along with their family, from entering China, Hong Kong, and Macau, while additional mechanisms will prevent them from receiving monetarily from mainland China. 

“The mainland will pursue criminal responsibility for Taiwan independence diehards in accordance with the law, and it will be effective for life,”She said that she had heard from several people who tried to provoke confrontation in Taiwan Strait. 

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China urges the US to stop provoking Taiwan comments

Zhu claimed that people who were working with outside forces in order to advance their agenda were actually Zhu “seriously endangering peace”They should be punished. But, only a very small percentage of such people exist, she stated. 

This spokeswoman was asked for comment about reports that Beijing has been reviewing disciplinary actions against Taiwanese separatists. 

Beijing asserts Taiwan is an integral part of China and demands that the West, particularly Britain and the United States, not interfere in Taiwan’s internal affairs. 

Since 1949, Taiwan is independent of China. The Republic of China lost its mainland to communists. This forced the Kuomintang-ruled government to move to Taiwan. 

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