China reports new human case of highly deadly bird flu in southern province — RT World News

Health authorities in China’s Guangdong province have reported a single human case of the H5N6 strain of bird flu in Dongguan city. Half of the virus’s victims have died this year as it has jumped more to humans.

The Guangdong Province Health Commission stated that it does not consider H5N6 transmission a risk after an infected local resident was diagnosed with bird flu. 

Dongguan was the location where the case was first reported. This southern city is home to around 10 million people. The cause of the infection is unknown. 

The subtype H5N6 of Avian Influenza is especially deadly. More than half of the people infected have died. This virus can cause serious illness in any age group.

This is the 50th confirmed case of human contracting the virus. Experts worry about the rising number of H5N6 cases, even though it is a relatively small percentage. Half of H5N6 infections have been reported by 2021, compared to five in 2020. The World Health Organization said earlier in October that a probe into the cause of this increase was “It is urgent” required. 

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Most of all cases are reported from China. Scientists have speculated that the virus is spreading faster and has become more prevalent. We know that at least 10 infections were related to H5N8 viruses, which suggests the possibility of new cases.

“It could be that this variant is a little more infectious [to people]… or there could be more of this virus in poultry at the moment and that’s why more people are getting infected,”Thijskuiken, professor at Erasmus University Medical center in Rotterdam of comparative Pathology, was quoted by Reuters.

Although the virus does not jump between individuals, one 61-year old woman tested positive for it in July said she had never been exposed to live poultry. Most cases have been associated with contact with birds or their immediate environment.

According to a September study published by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the CDC, the CDC has found that there is no evidence of AIDS in the United States. “increasing genetic diversity and geographical distribution of H5N6 poses a serious threat to the poultry industry and human health.”

China has not yet reported an outbreak of H5N6 among poultry, despite it being more common in people. In 2014, the first confirmed H5N6 case in humans was reported in Sichuan province in China.

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