China rebukes Australia’s ‘wild remarks’ on war — Analysis

Beijing claims that the Australian defence minister wanted to make political points while clamoring for war.

China has accused Australia’s defense chief of slander and making “wild remarks” over his comment that Australians should “Prepare for war

Some Australian politicians are often driven by selfish political goals and make wild comments to denigrate China in order to gain political power.” Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said on Tuesday.

These abominable acts are often condemned by both the Chinese and international communities..”

This comes in response to Monday’s statement by Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton, who declared that China is “It was a carefully considered course.”, adding “To keep peace in the region and our country, we must be strong with all countries..”

Speaking on Channel Nine’s Today Show, Dutton said: “Only by being prepared for war, and strong as a nation, can peace be maintained. You don’t have to cower or be weak on the knees. That’s the reality.”

Australia warns China of ‘red line’

Earlier, the Australian minister stated that his country would not be “Subservient, or Cower” to Beijing.

Australia and China have had deteriorating relations in recent times due to accusations of each other’s destabilizing actions in the region. Prime Minister Scott Morrison warned that China would cross a “red line” if it established a military base on the Solomon Islands, a tiny archipelago about 2,000 km from Australia’s northeastern coast. Beijing reached a cooperation deal with the nation on Monday.

Wang argued on Monday that “The speculation that China might build a military base at the Solomon Islands is sheer disinformation. It was created by people who have ulterior motives..”

Australia and the US signed last year a security agreement known as AUKUS. China claimed that the agreement is undermining regional peace.

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