China locks down millions as Covid outbreak grows — Analysis

Jilin Province, Shenzhen and Dongguan were closed to prevent the spread of the disease.

China has ordered 51 million residents to be locked down, as Covid-19 continues to grow in China. After China had recorded the highest number of Covid-19 cases since its inception, 24 million Jilin Province residents, 17.5million people from Shenzhen and 10,000,000 people in Dongguan were placed under strict lockdowns.

In China, coronavirus has been reported in a low number of cases per day, with only a few hundred peak infections. Officially, these numbers have been lower than the official reports since 2020. The fast-growing epidemic caused a rapid increase in cases this month. “stealth Omicron”Variant, with 5,280 reported cases on the mainland by authorities alone Tuesday.

China hit by its biggest Covid-19 outbreak

According to AP, Hong Kong saw at least 249 deaths and 26908 cases within 24 hours in China. However, the city’s leader, Carrie Lam, refused to tighten pandemic restrictions while assessing “whether the people would accept further measures.”

China has not seen so many infections in its history since February 2020. This was when the Covid-19 epidemic reached its peak. It went on to be a pandemic. While many nations eventually adopted a policy of learning to live with the virus, Beijing has continued to stand firm in its ‘zero-covid’ strategy.

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