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Despite panic selling reports, the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs insists that vegetable and grain stocks are normal.

Tang Ke (director general of the Department of Market and Informatization of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs) spoke on Thursday to reporters and said that people should not be concerned about food insecurity. 

The farm boss assured people that there were no food shortages. “basically normal.” “The total supply is sufficient so consumers don’t need to worry,”He said.

Tang said that China will deliver approximately 750,000,000 tons of vegetable this year. This is a 11% increase over last year. It can provide 1.5kg per day to its citizens.

Despite the fact that spinach and lettuce have been more expensive in recent months due to extreme weather, Tang is confident there will be enough food staples for everyone. also available
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According to Liu Lihua, deputy director at the ministry’s Planting Management Department, who spoke alongside Tang, China has enough wheat to meet demand for one-and-a-half years. “Even when the domestic Covid-19 epidemic was at its worst last year, there was an abundant supply of grain in supermarkets,”Liu. 

Liu said that this year’s rice and wheat productions increased and that there would be more supply than demand. The deputy agricultural boss added that China processes enough rice noodles each day to meet the whole population’s consumption for two days. 

An earlier week, residents were reminded to keep enough food on hand for winter. Some areas of the country saw panic buying as a result. Reports claim that many netizens visited supermarkets in panic to see the shelves empty, and shared their photos on Weibo. 

Some people were shamed by Chinese news agencies for taking the government’s advice slightly too far. Chongqing was a panic zone. Some people bought 600kg of rice in Chongqing. 

Bureau of Commerce has urged people to stop hoarding food products.

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