China Eastern Puts Type of Boeing Jet That Crashed in Air

Bloomberg — China Eastern Airlines Corp. has resumed flights using the same type of plane that recently crashed in southern China, a sign the airline is working toward putting the entire fleet back in the air. reports that a Boeing 737-800 plane flew Sunday between Kunming, China and Chengdu. Boeing Co. also made similar planes and were used for what looked like test flights. These included near Shanghai’s Financial Center.

China Eastern has begun to restart operations on its fleet of 737-800 aircraft after completing checks in the last two weeks. China News Service reported that representatives from China Eastern were not identified.

U.S. American Plane Crash Investigators Will Go to China For 737 Probe

China Eastern has grounded over 200 Boeing 737-880 planes following the March 21 crash in Wuzhou (Guangxi), that resulted in the deaths of 132. Flying from Kunming, China to Guangzhou at 29,000 feet was about to reach its destination when it abruptly jumped at very high speed and crashed into a hillside 100 miles away.

Investigators retrieved two flight-data recorders — the black boxes — and sent them to the U.S. in the hope they can glean information from them to understand what happened to the jet, which disintegrated into tens of thousands of pieces on impact.

(The local media reports updates and comment from the airline)

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