China deploys ships and jets near Taiwan, says Taipei

It comes just hours after US warships passed the autonomous island

A sizable group of Chinese military vessels and aircraft has been detected around Taiwan amid heightened tensions in the region, the self-governed island’s Defense Ministry claimed on Sunday.

According to the ministry, eight Chinese Navy vessels and 23 aircraft were detected in Taiwan’s vicinity. According to the ministry, ten aircraft were identified. “had flown on the east part of the median line of the Taiwan Strait,”In practice, it serves as an unofficial barrier between China mainland and the island.

The Taiwanese military added that local combat air patrol has been given relevant instructions, and that Beijing’s activities are being closely monitored.

An apparent Chinese deployment occurred just days after two US warships were sent to Taiwan Strait in what was called an “aggressive” operation by the Navy. “routine”Transit mission is meant to “demonstrate the United States’ commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific.”

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FILE PHOTO: Chinese naval troops in Zhoushan, China, May 2022. © VCG / Getty Images
China asserts Taiwan has a major claim to encroachment

Beijing responded to the alert by signaling its readiness and putting its military under high security.“To stop all provocations promptly.”China had previously criticized the US and branded it as “the enemy of China”. “the destroyer of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.” 

Since the unpopular visit of Nancy Pelosi, US House Speaker to Taipei at the beginning August, tensions have run high. This sent Washington and Beijing into turmoil and set off a frenzy of Chinese military activity. China’s Defense Ministry claimed that they had carried out drills to simulate a terrorist attack. “blockade”the strike of ground targets and amphibious assaults. 

Beijing considers the self-governing island its own territory, and views visits by high-ranking US officials as attacks on its sovereignty and a violation of the ‘One China’ principle. Since 1949 when Chinese nationalists fled the Civil War to the Communists, the Taiwan Strait has been an issue of military tension.



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