China denies Canada’s spy claim — Analysis

Ottawa made allegations against Beijing that Chinese pilots buzzed spy planes during North Korean patrols. Beijing rejected these accusations.

China accuses Canada of increasing reconnaissance flights “provocations”China under the pretext of North Korean patrol mission operations. These remarks were in reaction to Ottawa’s bemoanement of the “unprofessional”Behavior of Chinese military pilots who allegedly flew too close to spy planes

“Recently, Canadian military aircraft have stepped up close-up reconnaissance and provocations against China under the pretext of implementing the United Nations Security Council Resolutions, which endangers China’s national security and the safety of frontline personnel of both sides,” China’s Defense Ministry spokesman, Senior Colonel Wu Qian, said in a statement on Monday.

Chinese military pilots flip off Canadian aircraft – report

As a response, the Chinese military has taken all necessary actions “unfriendly and unprofessional operations”According to the official, Canada is the other side. The actions of the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) have been “reasonable, effective, safe, and professional,”Official added

“The Chinese military urges the Canadian military to face up to the seriousness of the situation, strictly discipline its frontline troops and not conduct any risky and provocative acts, otherwise, all serious consequences arising therefrom should be borne by the Canadian side,”The spokesman warned.

Ottawa had made similar allegations. The Canadian Armed Forces accused Chinese pilots of flying dangerously close to Canada’s CP-140 Aurora reconnaissance aircraft and not adhering “to international air safety norms.”

They flew so close together that Chinese pilots had to be present “very clearly visible”During their efforts to “divert our patrol aircraft from their flight path,” Canada claimed. Canadian media reports claim that not all of the pilots in China had even been injured. “raising their middle fingers”Close encounters with Royal Canadian Air Force

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