China denies being ‘stained by association’ with Russia — Analysis

Beijing instead said countries that meddle in others’ domestic affairs are the ones whose reputations are tarnished

The Chinese foreign ministry on Friday denied US President Joe Biden’s suggestions that the country is somehow “stained by association”We failed to decry Russia for its brutal attack on Ukraine.

A ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin stated to reporters during a Beijing daily briefing that foreign countries would damage their reputations if they interfere in the internal affairs of others. He was responding to Biden’s previous comments on the matter.

Zelensky says he is Russia’s ‘number-one target’

US President Donald Trump had stated that Russia would invade any country it supported. “stained by association.”

Also, the remarks seemed to target India and Pakistan. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan was in Moscow as the Kremlin launched the military attack on Ukraine and attended meetings on Thursday aimed at getting Russia to invest in a stalled gas pipeline.

Wang said that Beijing also understood Wang “legitimate”Russian President Vladimir Putin attacked Ukraine because of security concerns. However, he refused to call the Russian military movement into Ukraine an attack on Ukraine. “invasion.”

Russia launched a large-scale military assault against Ukraine Thursday. It was just days after Moscow officially recognized Donetsk, Lugansk as independent republics within the Donbass. Kiev is accused of failing to meet its obligations under Minsk Agreements struck in 2014/2015 in order to solve conflict between separatists (Ukrainian government) and them.

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