Chaos breaks out at gun control rally (VIDEOS)

An alarm falsely raised caused a large demonstration to descend into an immediate stampede in Washington DC.

The National Mall, Washington, DC, witnessed a huge gun control demonstration that quickly became a stampede.

Videos from the scene show people standing and sitting on the park’s lawn.

The panicked crowd starts to disperse, some jumping and climbing over the fence.

“Do not run! Don’t run. There is no issue here!”The speaker said it.

According to local media, police said that the incident began after a man shouted “I am the gun”Near the stage, he threw an unknown object.

No weapons were discovered after the man was arrested. He has yet to be identified.

A permit for the DC rally stated that at least 50,000 people would attend.

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US President Joe Biden delivers a speech in Los Angeles, California, US, June 8, 2022. © Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times / Getty Images
Biden replies to the calls for reform of guns laws

Similar rallies were also held across the US Saturday. In the aftermath of several mass killings, participants called for stricter gun laws.

Ten people were killed in Buffalo’s supermarket, New York on May 14th by a gunman. A manifesto with anti-Semitic and racist statements was published by the gunman.

Ten days later, a teenager set himself on fire at a Uvalde high school killing 19 students as well as two teachers.



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