Cargo ship ‘hijacked’ in Red Sea — Analysis

Riyadh threatens military force against ‘terrorist’ Houthis over seizure of cargo vessel

Saudi Arabia has claimed that Yemen’s Houthi rebels have seized a ship with medical supplies in the Red Sea. The Houthis argued that the vessel was carrying “military equipment.”

Brigadier general Turki Al-Malki (spokesman for the Saudi military coalition) stated that Rwabee was a UAE flagged cargo vessel and fell prey to terrorists. “hijacking” off the coast of Yemen’s western Al Hudaydah Governorate late Sunday night.

“The terrorist Houthi militia will bear full responsibility as a result of its criminal act of piracy against the ship, which violates the customary international humanitarian law,” Al-Malki said.

“The militia must promptly release the ship, or the coalition forces will undertake all necessary measures and procedures to handle this violation, including the use of force if necessary,”The spokesperson continued.

According to Al-Malki, the ship was traveling from Yemen’s Socotra island to the Saudi Red Sea port of Jizan. Al-Malki stated that the ship was transporting medical equipment and ambulances, which were then used on an island field hospital run by Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia: Yemeni rebels are threatening Saudi Arabia with new attacks

Yahya Saree, the spokesperson of the Houthi force, confirmed that the ship was being taken. He claimed the vessel had entered Yemeni waters unauthorized and that it was carrying a hostage. “military equipment on board.”

The ship “engaged in hostilities targeting the security and stability of the Yemeni people,”Saree shared her thoughts on Twitter and promised to update us with more information on Monday. reports that Rwabee, a ship-tracking site for ships, left Jubail (Saudi Arabia) in the Persian Gulf early November. He was due to arrive in Jizan Tuesday.

Saudi Arabia led the intervention in Yemeni Civil War 2015 for ousted President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi’s behalf.

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