Car plows through fundraiser crowd leaving casualties — Analysis

Following the killing of people in Pennsylvania, USA, a man aged 24 was charged with murder.

Pennsylvania State Police has charged a 24-year old man with two counts homicide. The charges stem from the alleged driving his car through a crowd during a Berwick community fundraiser, where he killed one. Later, he allegedly beat and murdered a female neighbor in another town. 

Adrian Oswaldo Sura Reyes, a neighboring 50-year old woman, was allegedly the victim of an assault and murder that occurred after the vehicle attack which resulted in 17 victims being injured and one fatally. He was eventually arrested. Columbia County Correctional Facility holds him without bail. 

The second crime involved a man beating and killing a woman. Police responded to this call. But, when they got there, the victim was already dead.

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The authorities have yet to determine whether Reyes deliberately targeted the fundraiser – which was being held at the Intoxicology Department Bar to raise money for the family of victims of a house fire in Nescopeck – or whether there was any connection to the second victim. Ten people were killed in the Nescopeck fire earlier this month, three of them children.

As of Sunday morning, three of the four victims of the fundraiser had been declared in critical condition and four in stable condition. Asked by a reporter if he had any comment on the situation, Reyes reportedly responded “Sorry, I’m sorry.” 

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