Canada Sets Dates To Ban Some Single-Use Plastics

TThe Canadian government has banned companies from making or importing plastic bags and Styrofoam takeout boxes by the close of the year. They will also ban their sale and export before the end 2025.

Canada previously announced a ban but environment advocates were dismayed about delays and that Canada’s initial plan was to ban the items at home but continue to ship them abroad. The dates were announced Monday by Steven Guilbeault, Environment Minister.

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The ban on bags and takeout containers will also affect cutlery and plastic straws.

Last year, the Canadian Environmental Protection Act declared plastics toxic. This led to regulations that would ban them. A group of plastics manufacturers is now suing the government for the toxic label. The case will be heard in the latter part of the year.

Justin Trudeau was the first Prime Minister to promise that his government would eliminate the use and production of difficult-to-recycle materials. His goal is zero plastic waste at the end of this decade.

He stated initially that the ban would take place in 2021. But, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, scientific assessments of plastics were delayed.

Worldwide, plastic waste is a problem. Only 10% of all manufactured plastic is recycled.

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Environment and Climate Change Canada released a study in 2019, which found that almost half the plastic packaging was being tossed out. Only one-tenth was actually recycled. The majority of plastic ends up in landfills where it will decompose over hundreds of years.

A total of 29,000 tons were used to litter parks, forests, watersways and beaches with cigarette wrappers and food wrappers.

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