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Life Lessons and Business

Business and life are connected in a lot of different ways. Many concepts, strategies and ideas that work inside the workplace can be applied to everyday life and vice versa. This explains why so many people relate to and learn from advice given by today’s most successful business leaders as well as why so many business leaders are willing to share their life experiences with the world. This article will discuss some of the most useful life lessons everyday people can learn from business.

Jonathan Osler San Francisco says one of the main life lessons that can be learned from business is to not be afraid of making mistakes. Not every venture, idea or decision is going to result in a positive outcome. In many cases, business decisions are going to fail more often than they are going to succeed. For this reason, the key to future success is accepting failure along the way.

Another major life lesson learned from business is to learn from previous experience. While learning to accept failure is the first step of this process, people who are successful in business and other areas of life are able to move forward by drawing from these negative experiences. Rather than getting discouraged, professionals and business leaders should use their mistakes as guidance on what to do or not to do in the future.

Jonathan Osler San Francisco also notes that some key business life lessons can be learned from the people a person surrounds his or her self within the business world. First, having a strong work ethic is more important than being the most skilled or experienced worker. Although hiring employees with the necessary training, knowledge and skills to perform specific job tasks is important, having these qualifications adds little to no value to a business or project if those individuals aren’t willing to contribute their fair share. In contrast, hiring someone who is willing and able to learn on the job may result in a stronger team of dedicated employees.

Another important business life lesson is to always put quality over quantity. This goes hand-in-hand with prioritizing a team of hard workers. Many people might think the bigger the team or the more employees a company has the more successful it will be. However, oftentimes a smaller, dedicated and highly skilled group of individuals is more productive because it’s easier to get everyone on the same page.

One final important business life lesson is to create and maintain strong relationships with coworkers, managers, subordinates, mentors, partners and any other relevant people that help along the way. Inside the workplace, strong relationships lead to higher levels of productivity and a healthy, supportive work environment. Outside of the workplace, developing healthy relationships with different people along the way can lead to better job opportunities, partnerships, business ventures and new ideas. However, it is important to remember that healthy business relationships should go both ways. In other words, both parties should provide equal value to one another in the relationship.


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